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2-piece metal project from Nokia/Finland Stamerash releases new single "Small white lies"

Stamerash is a 2-piece metal project from Nokia/Finland which was formed in 2016 when musician/producer Mats Söderling joined forces with vocalist Henna Mustaparta in 2017 second vocalist soprano Minna Kukkonen joined Stamerash.

The music of Stamerash is written and produced by Mats Söderling. He has his musical roots in thrash metal from the 80-90 era but influences from other eras and genres can also be heard in the songs. Diversity is a key ingredient in his songwriting.

Henna Mustaparta is a metal vocalist of the new generation. She has a powerful voice with a dark timbre, on top of that she also masters throat singing in the kargyra style. The combination of traditional and throat singing gives her a quite unique sound and a broad palette of expression.

Minna Kukkonen is a lyrical soprano who has studied the art of classical singing. Her voice is equally heartfelt as it is sonorous and this allows her to add a dramatic yet personal touch to a musical piece.


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