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Unveils Blistering “Weaponize This,” an Industrial Address to the Hardcore Community

Robert Ortiz aka DEAR-GOD’s blistering new single, “Weaponize This,” is the first taste of his upcoming debut album for Dine Alone Records, entitled The Punchine, which is set for release on May 5th.

A stream-of-consciousness reflection on the hardcore community, the Brampton, Ontario-based producer combines elements of punk, hardcore, and industrial music to address the real ones in the scene.

“I’ve found love and comfort within [the scene,]” explains Ortiz, “but I’ve also identified the bullshit drama and empty words of certain others within it. ”

“People are constantly trying to escalate situations over nothing and [they] talk just to talk. It’s high school shit. If it pisses you off, then the shoe fits.”

Listen + share “Weaponize This”:


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