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TARA LYNCH Releases "Badassery" Single Feat. Vinny Appice and Bjorn Englen

American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tara Lynch (‘Gui-Tara’) is back with a new single, Badassery, an anthemic song she wrote in dedication to her love for fast cars and the racetrack. Once again, she is joined by Heavy Metal heavyweights Vinny Appice, Bjorn Englen and producer Brent Woods.

“What you hear is exactly what comes out of me without any pre-programmed ideas,” Tara said. “I have lived quite a colourful life thus far and have lots of things to talk about, so when I write my music, I just say it like it is. I do the same with my guitar playing. I’m not out there to impress anybody, just to tell my story and hope that people enjoy what they hear and can even relate.”


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