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Sweden punk rock band Lex Maria shares new single Shards / Knives

New EP is coming with three singles doing the trendy waterfall strategy. First single Ghosts is out 28 april. This is their second EP recorded at the indie favorite Möllan Studios in Malmö, Sweden.

Single 1: Ghosts - 28 april

Single 2: Shards / Knives 19 may

Single 3: Plague Or Pain - 9 june

EP: Ghosts EP - 23 june

Who are the band?

"We say we are a indie punk band playing some sort of alternative punkrock, but we float in and out of these genres, for better and worse.

Aleks, Nelly, Martin and Martin. Aleks with the hat is the singer. Aleks and Nelly play guitar, the Martins play bass and drums."


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