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S.J. Armstrong shares new single 'Designing A Spacecraft'

Seattle-based singer-songwriter S.J. Armstrong has recently released his latest single, "Designing A Spacecraft". This is the second single from his upcoming second album.

S.J. Armstrong is a 27-year-old songwriter and musician from Southern California. Currently he is based in the Seattle Area. After working in television, Armstrong has returned to music to share his songs with the world. He plays more than a dozen different instruments and uses that to build a heavily layered sound for his music.

His songs focus on personal topics and explore feelings of being out of place in the modern world. Armstrong’s new album “The Narrow Coast” takes classic sounds from the golden era of rock music in a new direction by incorporating modern vocal stacking and recording techniques.

The album consists of all real instruments, and does not contain any software instruments, programming, or vocal tuning. The record was also mixed on an analog console. Right now, SJ is working on a follow-up album that is expected to be released sometime in the second half of 2023.


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