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Rotfang and the Reptilians releases their fifth self-published single “Retriever”

Finnish alternative rock band “Rotfang and the Reptilians” releases their fifth self-published single “Retriever” on 13th of October 2022 on all major music platforms.

The alternative rock newcomers keep on releasing new music making Retriever their fifth single of the year 2022. Bands’ music ranges from hard guitar driven rock’n’roll to melodic chilled-out tunes. With their first releases, Rotfang and the Reptilians have been warmly welcomed in the music industry by radio play and picks in several independent playlists, blogs and podcasts and 24k Spotify streams. During the summer the band played live shows in local venues and made their music festival debut.

Retriever was conceived around the subject of a relationship with a self-damaging need to please. The track opens with an energetic and playful verse driving into a powerful and aggressive chorus. After verses and choruses, Retriever cascades to an outro with a simple rhythm, gradually building up to an epic and intoxicating post-rock odyssey.

Retriever is the band’s first publication leading to the release of their upcoming LP. With the fifth release, the five-member group continues introducing their wide spectrum of styles and forms of self-expression. “We were actually surprised how the track came out, as we were told that it even has some elements of noise and nu-metal. Anyhow, we had fun making it and turned out to be a blast to play live during our gigs in the past summer!”.

Rotfang and the Reptilians is a group of five established in 2021 in the northern part of Finland. The band was formed of the members’ common desire to make authentic and raw rock music, and to share it with the people through energetic live performances. Band has received praises from the critics with their natural rock sounds featuring “strong guitar and loud volume” tracks “full of energy, but also with a beautiful sensitivity”. Right now, the band is working with their first LP and seeking for a label.


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