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Punk rockers Scumbags release new album "So Many Ways"

Scumbags' second album, "So Many Ways", promises to reflect all the maturity and evolution of the trio over the 6 years of existence. “I think that since our first album, Sour Days, we have matured a lot in terms of composition and arrangements. We started hearing new references and brought them to our songs.” reports Chris Oliveira, the band's drummer.

This maturity is already evident in production. Part of the album was recorded at Forest Lab, in Rio de Janeiro, a studio specialized in completely analog recording. And another part was recorded at Eletric Meduza, a recording studio located in Brusque, Santa Catarina, which also works with analogue elements in the recordings.

For Chris, the new songs will bring a different feel to what people are used to hearing in Scumbags. “The upcoming album will bring a new aesthetic to the band, a new sound. No longer the 90s punk rock that we are used to playing, but we are going to bring more risky and different things.”

About Scumbags: Founded in 2017, Scumbags is a punk rock band from Santa Catarina/Brazil. Currently the band is made up of the trio José Farias (guitar and vocals), Christian Oliveira (drums and vocals) and Jorge Siementkowski (bass).

 A reference in its region, Scumbags finds inspiration in punk rock icons, such as Ramones, Blink 182 and Green Day. The compositions come from the musicians' personal experiences, reflect symbols of the local underground scene and also carry reflective messages about freedom and the ironies of life, elements that are the essence of the punk movement.


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