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Organoclorados embrace their Post-Punk roots on new single "Take me down"

Even going through a difficult period like the pandemic, Organochlorados managed to maintain a certain pace of work and produced a series of singles in recent years. As a result, came the albums Efeito Residual (Trinca de Selos and Tocaia Selo, 2020) and Saudade da Razão (Kyrios, 2022). In addition, the band also continued to release videos. It seemed like it was time to take a break to recharge our batteries, but Organochlorados surprised us by announcing something new in the first quarter of 2023. It is the new song Take Me Down, which was originally written in English.

It is undeniable that music services enable the planetary reach of any song or artist. On the other hand, this potential is not always fully exploited or brings concrete results. From the album Quantico (Discmídia, 2018), which was the subject of a review in an American magazine focused on independent music, the band saw an increase in the interest of radio stations, web radios, music blogs, digital magazines, YouTube channels and even some TV programs, not only Brazilian, but especially from Latin America and the United States.

In addition to broadcasting their songs, the members count dozens of interviews for radio stations and programs, published articles and notes, participation in online international festivals, some broadcast live. At the same time, the music content distributed on streaming and video services was consistently expanded. The inclusion of songs in a considerable number of playlists, many of them international, has become frequent. All of this encouraged the band's musicians to bet on the experience with the single Take Me Down, which hit music services on March 17th.

Although it is not the first time that the band has recorded a song in another language, as they already have a song in English (For You, Girl) and one in Spanish (Cruce Inusitado) in their curriculum, this time Organochlorados musicians intend to expand even further this cross-border reach, and in this sense "Take Me Down" reveals a strategy designed to introduce and position a niche international audience. "We are aware that the self-managed and independent form is something modest, as it does not have the resources of record companies, production companies or major labels, but even so, we decided to dare in this initiative", points out André G.

Known for the roots that grow in the fertile soil of post-punk and for processing multiple vibrations in the rock genre, in "Take Me Down" Organochlorados incorporates nuances of guitar timbres and textures of classical guitar and piano. According to Artur W (guitar and vocals), the musical construction they managed to elaborate "resulted in a melancholy atmosphere, with a subtle defiant touch that grows in an engaging way until reaching a farewell climax full of pain and relief, with nods to the progressive and to hard rock". Drummer Joir Rocha says that he really liked the final result and believes that "the instrumental arrangements sought to create a backdrop for the poetry that marks the lyrics, reinforcing its dramatic nature".


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