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my•escy Unleashes Dark and Twisted Single "Fallen Fruit"

Prepare to embark on a sonic journey into the depths of chaos with my•escy's latest single, "Fallen Fruit." Released on [Insert Release Date], this track is a visceral descent into a nightmarish landscape, blending aggressive lyrics with haunting vocals and ominous beats.

"Fallen Fruit" thrusts listeners into an oppressive and exhilarating world, where deranged hillbilly choirs and dystopian backyard brawls collide. With its dark and twisted narrative, the song challenges conventional genre boundaries, offering a fresh take on experimental/Alternative Hip-Hop.

Hailing from Venice, California, my•escy is known for his avant-garde approach to Hip-Hop, weaving together dark, visceral lyrics with ominous synth-soaked beats. Inspired by film and folklore, he embodies a range of zany, menacing, and macabre characters to narrate a chaotic spectrum of stories.

"Fallen Fruit" confronts listeners with fantastical dream-like scenarios, challenging them to confront their moral compasses and question their roles as either villain, victor, or victim. With its melding of Hip-Hop and industrial-strength sludge synth, the track creates an atmospheric experience that is both oppressive and exhilarating.

As my•escy continues to push the boundaries of music and storytelling, "Fallen Fruit" stands as a testament to his unique vision and artistic prowess.


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