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Milan-based trio Sparking Blows release new single "Deaf Love"

Milan-based trio Sparking Blows has released a new track called Deaf Love for which a video was made with Keiber AI, the same AI used by Linkin Park for Meteora's 20th anniversary. The track made at Blap Studio (Rancore, Ministers, Redbull 64bars..) is also available on Spotify along with all the singer's sentimental malaise, fuzz guitars, and relentless drum beats.

Musically speaking, Sparking Blows can be described as the bastard son between Josh Homme and Henry Rollins after a night spent over beers and philosophical reflections about life and society.The trio wanted to create with Sparking Blows a safe space for everyone who is feeling insecure, misunderstood, or not loved and their music is their way to love you back.


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