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Metal band Megalomania release new single "Daemonium intus"

Prepare yourselves for an auditory assault as Megalomania, the powerhouse thrash metal quintet hailing from Malmö in southern Sweden, emerges to conquer the global metal scene. Comprising five fierce and talented musicians, Megalomania is set to redefine thrash metal with their brutal guitars, speedy drums, and unapologetically angry lyrics.

Megalomania's sonic journey takes inspiration from the rich tapestry of Sweden’s metal history, a country known for birthing some of the most influential metal acts. This five-piece band brings a fresh perspective to the thrash metal genre, combining technical prowess with an unrelenting energy that will leave audiences headbanging and craving more. The band's arsenal includes razor-sharp guitar riffs that cut through the air like a chainsaw, accompanied by thunderous drums that set an unrelenting pace.

Megalomania's lyrics, fueled by raw emotion and societal critique, deliver a powerful message that resonates with the listener, providing an intense and immersive experience. "We're not just a band; we're a sonic rebellion," declares Jörgen Borglin, the frontman of Megalomania. "Our music is a cathartic release, a sonic journey that invites our audience to join us in breaking free from the chains of conformity".


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