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Melodic Death Metal Seinaru Sekai shares new single and music video "Poisonous Injection"

The intention is trying to mix the style of 2000s swedish melodic death metal bands like In Flames from the Soundtrack to your escape era and Dark Tranquillity, with modern techniques used in Death/ and Metalcore Projects.

The bandmembers found their way together mainly through older, and ongoing Projects like Carnage Calligraphy, Grand old Wrath (Stephan, Christian and Daniel) or Darkest Horizon (Vincent as Touring Drummer).

Found in 2022 the band is in their first steps to get into live action in this formation, but already have much experience in playing live through their earlier Projects (Carnage Calligraphy – Metaldays, With full force, Winter Days of Metal, etc. / Darkest Horizon (Tour with Wintersun, Tour with Neobliviscaris, etc... ).

Three Singles were released in early 2023 to become the first step on the Way to the first full Album „Fragile Little World“ which was released this year. The album was fully recorded and mixed by ourselves and only the mastering was made by Hannes Grossmann (Ex Necrophagist, Ex Obscura, ...) at Mordor Sounds Studios.

Their first Music Video "Poisonous Injection" is out which is also the fourth released Single.


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