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Italian punk rock band T E A S E R S release new single "Doggy Doggy"

Italian band TEASERS have released their new single, Doggy Doggy. The song is a sample of his fun and energetic sound, with a good melodic feel. It also showcases the band's experience in other projects, and it's obvious that they really thrive as a live band.

"Doggy Doggy" is an autobiographical punk rock song with a high ironic content: a sort of pat on the back that wants to exorcise the condition of those who are in what is called a "toxic relationship". Dependency and constant self-annihilation are the main ingredients of this vision, within which one person lives totally according to the needs of the other.

The metaphor contained in the text is inspired by "I Wanna Be Your Dog", a song by one of our all-time favorite bands: the Stooges - "I'm your doggy doggy, I always do what you want".


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