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Interview with Philadelphia Incident: Band creates a raw and brutal oldschool extreme metal

The band was formed by former members of such acts as Pain Confessor and Sancnity. Having released five singles during Spring of ’22

Philadelphia Incident was formed by former members of such acts as Pain Confessor and Sancnity. Having released five singles during Spring of ’22, the band is now working on a debut album, of which the new track “Homo Exitus” is a prime sample.

The subject matter issort of a social commentary and hard critique of events past, present and forthcoming. “This world isfucked and there ain’t no refunds.” – saids Philadelphia Incident.

The music itself is a kind of cinematic glimpse into the devastation. One moment you’re doing mundane shit and the next you’re a vaporized smear of burned atoms on a concrete wall.

“Everything is done by ourselves. The only thing that isn’t exactly homemade is the mastering, for which we use LANDR mastering. We’re working on a budget so we have to really get creative with solutions and we feel like we’ve achieved the sound we were looking for. It’s not the war-winning turbo-limited brick wall of hyper over-the-top volume. It’s more old school, as we are musicians too. You can turn up the volume, there is room for that.” – says TK.

“We used Aztec Death Whistle on the track to bring out this strange ancient sense of harrowing fate that befell a majestic and brutal nation. I don’t know about the others, but for me it somehow haunted the track, gave it that unsettling spirit.” – says TK.

The band formed by TK (guitars, vocals, additional instruments), SK (bass, guitars, vocals, additional instruments) ED (drums) and Montezuma Jr (Aztec Death Whistle) has influences from early Sentenced, Sepultura, Machine Head, Vader , Dissection, Gwar, Behemoth and Paradise Lost…and so many other bands from the extreme metal crop. One thing that is imperative in the band is that the music has to convey emotion. You have to feel the sincerity of the feelings portrayed.

In this new interview, we talk with the band about their new release, inspiration, music influences and future plans. Check it out bellow:

What can you say about this new single?

TK: It rocks. It sounds exactly how we wanted it to sound. It shows one side of Philadelphia Incident. Hopefully people find it and deem it worthy of their time. When we get to play this live it is going to fucking crush.

What is the meaning of the single?

TK: It is a declaration of the futility of our lifestyle. Whatever the fuck we do here on this mudball speeding through space is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. One retard decides its over, then its over. We are a species of parasites, flawed and selfish, and we need to make our exit. Seems we are well on our way, finally.

Which one is the composer of the single?

TK: Everything we do we do together. The end result is what matters.

Is there a special message in this new material?If there is what it is?

TK: Mankind is on its way out.

Which inspirations have been important for this track ? Like musically or friends, family, someone you'd love to thank specially?

TK: The whole world is culprit.

There is a new material coming soon? what can we expect?

TK: We decided to scrap the full length for now. Instead, we will release the songs as singles throughout the year.

Something to add?

TK: This world is fucked.


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