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In The Rosemary Dreams drops a new industrial rock noise single ‘Teleincision’

The theme of the song is human manipulation through digital media

2022, marked the return to the stage of the band In The Rosemary Dreams along with a new single “Teleincision”. The new song brings a robotic and dancing sound, with traces of industrial rock and noise. The theme of the song is human manipulation through digital media. In addition, the contradiction in which we live, where it increasingly seems that we are more distant from ourselves and our fellow human beings even with so many technological resources.

The Brazilian alternative rock trio bets on a distinct musicality, seeking inspiration from jazz, blues, surf music and even hip hop, the group carries a unique sound. This gave the opportunity to share the stage with the most different names in the music scene such as: "The legendary ChucroBilly Man", "Eles Sames", "O Sebbo", "Torava", "Barbatanas", "Milk 'n' Blues" , "Darko", "Paulinho Branco and Banda Sotak", "She is dead", "Tods" among countless other companies.

After releasing their EP “ITRD” in early 2019, In ​​The Rosemary Dreams fulfilled an extensive touring schedule until January 2020. They were scheduled to enter the studio for new recordings when the world was faced with the COVID-19 pandemic. . Frustrated and isolated, they recorded and released the dark "Death United Us", which is accompanied by a black and white clip, as well as the music, has a heavy and dramatic atmosphere. “Death United Us” had an excellent acceptance by the public and critics, standing out in specialized websites.

In 2021, the band returned to the studio and on November 11 they released the single “Pure Sacrifice”. Here, the trio evokes the weight of stoner rock with layers and heavy string textures, with lyrics that call into question the idea of ​​the human as the “top of the food chain”.


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