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Gothic Indie-Rock Band Souls Extolled Releases New Single 'Down To Go'

The band is set to release a new album on december 31

The Austin based Souls Extolled are known for their diverse and provocative blend of familiar and eclectic rock fusion. Taking parts from indie and alt rock to grunge, ska, and punk, they have created a modern rock of the ages that can only be described as purely Souls Extolled.

Their newest single “Down To Go,” out on all streaming plataforms. 2nd and they’re excited to announce their third full length album named MMXXII (2022) due out this December 31st. “Down To Go” is available everywhere you stream music, stream and download here:

Their newest album, MMXXII (2022) embodies their story through the different modes of rock music that have inspired them, and the spiritual and socio-political concepts that define the experiences of their generation. The name of the album MMXXII is this year 2022 in roman numerals and named such to reflect the intention to release a new song every month in 2022.

So far they have released 11 of the 12 songs on the forthcoming album, with “Down to Go” as the most recent and final song out. ‘Down to Go’ is the prog proto-metal finale of MMXXII. Zach of Souls Extolled explains, "It is about the willingness to embrace the hard truths of life as well as new points of view and experiences that may be discomforting, difficult, or perilous. It does this through a story where you meet a dark figure that’s beckoning you into these new ideas or experiences, and through that willingness to embrace those things, finding essential truths about life. There’s definitely something in the staccato parts of the track reminiscent of Coheed and Cambria, or CKY, with weird sort of Jim Morrison type vocals. And then it gets experimental with the quickened guitar breakdowns, followed by the super psychedelic chorus with Robert Plant inspired vocals."

Since their launch in 2019 they’ve released two albums, an EP, and several singles, and have performed throughout Texas headlining some of the state’s most prestigious rock halls. The release of the Seraphic War EP in late 2020 received major national radio airplay, as well as a growing list of notable press features. Their discography magnificently captures the dynamic nature of the explosive young band.


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