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German Heavy Psychedelic project Screaming Bones drops video for “Dragonfly via Wormholedeath

Germany-based heavy psychedelic project Screaming Bones, led by mastermind Mike Ludwig, is back with a mesmerizing new track, “Dragonfly.” The track is taken from the upcoming re-release of the band’s masterpiece album “And It’ll All Be Good” via Wormholedeath.

With “Dragonfly,” Screaming Bones takes the listener on a journey through a hypnotic soundscape filled with heavy guitar riffs and warm velvety tones. The track showcases Ludwig’s musical prowess and his ability to transport listeners into a world of psychedelic wonder.

The visualizer video for “Dragonfly” perfectly captures the essence of the track with stunning and mesmerizing visuals that accompany the music. Screaming Bones has gained a reputation for delivering some of the most inventive and unique instrumental metal music in recent years.

“And It’ll All Be Good” is a testament to Ludwig’s skill and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre. Fans of instrumental metal and psychedelic rock won’t want to miss “Dragonfly” and the upcoming re-release of “And It’ll All Be Good.”



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