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Eon Unleashes a Cosmic Horror Through Their Debut LP “Eon”

Eon, a death metal band from Coro, Venezuela, known for their atmospheric yet aggressive sound, announces the release of their debut LP, “Eon.” Alongside the album announcement, the band has also launched a new single, "Pyromancer," showcasing their signature blend of fiery riffs and dark, melodic undertones. The album is a masterful blend of technical prowess and progressive elements that promise to breathe new life into the death metal genre.

Eon is composed of Alexander Pulido on drums, Lenin Morales on vocals, and Ronald Lares on guitars. Together, they have crafted a collection of songs that explore themes of cosmic horror, science, and history, taking listeners on an auditory journey through the unknown and the macabre.

The album “Eon” stands as a testament to the band’s innovative approach to death metal. Each track delves into the depths of human understanding, confronting the vastness of the cosmos and the intricacies of time.

“Eon is more than just an album; it’s an experience designed to transport you to the edges of reality and beyond,” says Lenin Morales, the band’s vocalist. “We’ve poured our passion for music and our fascination with the universe into every note and lyric.” The debut LP “Eon” will be available on all major streaming platforms soon. Listeners are invited to embark on this sonic expedition and witness the evolution of death metal.


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