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Elohyek announces new album "Evergreen Motel" on march 3RD 2023

Elohyek announced March 3rd 2023 the as the release date of their new album, Evergreen Motel. This new album is released by InsideMan and distributed worldwide by Distrokid.

Evergreen Motel has thirteen new songs that were recorded between August and

November of 2022 in Charleston, South Carolina and Cumbria, England . These

Thirteen new songs are a textural expedition that meshes the mellow vibes of Trip-Hop, the impact of alternative rock, and, at times, the grit of industrial rock.

Elohyek is an experimental alternative rock collective. The project was formed in 2021 by songwriter/producer Matt “Maku” Hancock. Evergreen Motel prominently features Andrew McEwan of Cumbria, England as well as other collaborators Jay Horne, Julian Wyatt, and Zane Kreider.

“We wanted to create something that was more approachable, but still kept with the initial intent of the band,” said Maku. He went on to say that, “I think this album is a great blend of chill, moody songs along with songs that reach out and smack you".

“We wanted there to be a sonic theme throughout the album, so we experimented with tape sampling on every track” Maku said, discussing the production process. “The layering of these textures, along with the weaving soundstage creates a unique

experience that we believe our fans will love”


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