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Decentration releases debut horror symphony "Crawling Lullaby (Memento Vermes)"

Latvian musician and composer Gleb Tokarev, formerly of local bands Naughty Pineapple (2013), IGNIS (2015), Flying Axe (2015) and Mörkvarg (2019), presents his debut single "Crawling Lullaby (Memento Vermes)". Despite being sung from the perspective of graveworms, the song "Crawling Lullaby" carries a life-affirming message. This track draws inspiration from genres such as metal, chamber music, dubstep, as well as 16-bit video game soundtracks.

The music was written in 2018, with recording and mixing completed in early 2023. Gleb Tokarev, the only permanent member of Decentration, serves as a composer, lyrics writer, vocalist and drummer.

The track combines elements of heavy metal, chamber music, dubstep, and ambient, in the wrapping of a symphonic piece, spiced up with a horror vibe.


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