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Death/Thrash Metal Outfit Evil Brain Taste Releases New Album 'Number Two'

Evil Brain Taste started life as a zombie-themed thrash/death band. A 3-track garage demo was recorded in 2014 with Chot (bass) and Legg (drums) before releasing full length album ‘Dead Dead Bad’ in 2015 supported by gigs in Brighton and Reading and a music video for single ‘The Taste of Evil Brains’. Due to pressures of life and university studies, Bone (vox) and Stench (guitar) decided to continue the project as a two-piece with Bone handling vox & drums and Stench taking on guitar & bass.

Over the next decade the duo honed their songwriting abilities, releasing a 5 track EP ‘I Am Evil Brain Taste’ (2019) as a two-piece along with zero-budget music videos for ‘Terinator’ and ‘Ghosts’ as well as releasing other separate singles and videos.

November 2022 saw the pre-release track & music video for ‘Arithmophobia’ taken from the new album ‘Number Two’, due out in the next couple of months! 'Arimophobia' is a catchy riff-fest which deals with themes of frustration and being rubbish at maths. The video was filmed with a few friends running around Reading town centre with giant number costumes.

Another preview track has just been released from the album, 'Cordell' which is about classic 80s slasher 'Manic Cop'. This is a blistering blastathon with an anthemic chorus, pounding drums and lots of quirky touches.

EBT have been featured on the cover CDs of Terrorizer and Zero Tolerance magazines and have been positively reviewed in zines and publications in print and around the web.

Their second full-length album 'Number Two' is released May 22th 2023! Themes include - horror films, video games, the supernatural, the dark surreal aspects of the modern world


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