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Cyber-punk duo Notre-Dame of Tokyo release new album "Weightlessness"

Cyber-punk duo Notre-Dame of Tokyo release new album "Weightlessness" on all streaming platforms. The album have been described as experimental, genre-bending, and avant-garde.

Some bands plan everything minutely, agonising over every decision until all sense of impulse has been strangled. Not Notre-Dame of Tokyo. Two French motherfuckers who are happy to leave their fate to a toss of a coin. Notre-Dame of Tokyo welcomes and shelters life-changing travellers with the desire to serve their own purpose, challenging common preconceptions.

"Weightlessness," the 10-track album by Notre-Dame Of Tokyo, propels listeners into a sonic maelstrom where influences from Rage Against The Machine, Muse, and Nine Inch Nails converge. This musical fusion creates a unique and compelling metal experience, solidifying Notre-Dame Of Tokyo's position as an exciting force in the contemporary metal scene.


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