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Canadian rock band Pound Salt unleash new single "Demons"

Pound Salt, the rock and roll band hailing from Kingston, Ontario, Canada, has self-financed and produced their newest single, 'Demons.' The track delves into the theme of triumphing over adversity and granting oneself respite. Featuring scorching guitar riffs, thunderous bass lines, and stellar drumming, the hard-hitting song complements its poignant lyrics and themes.

In today's era, addressing emotions and feelings has become increasingly crucial. 'Demons' stands as a significant anthem, highlighting the importance of mental health and well-being. This powerful song serves as a catalyst for meaningful discussions, breaking barriers, and fostering greater understanding.

Pound Salt are an original rock and roll band who are turning crowds into followers. With an electric live performance and exciting original songs, this independent band are hoping to have their songs heard by as many people as possible.


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