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Canadian rock band Overlap releases new single ‘Dark Road’

Overlap is thrilled to announce the release of their second single. ‘Dark Road’ is available on Spotify, Apple Music and every major streaming platforms.

Following their debut single, ‘Flight 608’, a soft alternative rock track that unveils a sad story,

Overlap unleashes themselves and delivers a fast-paced energetic song with meaningful

lyrics conveying a strong message.

‘Dark Road’, produced by Ben Jacob, comes out the gates hot and never really looks back.

Raw and mellow vocals sung with passion and precision bolstered by rolling guitar waves, a dynamic drums backbone pulse and a steady bass low end make out for lots of frenetic


About Overlap

Overlap is a Canadian rock band based in Quebec City. Their music is highly influenced by

the 90's and 00's rock scene, blending elements from alternative rock, post-grunge, hard

rock and punk with a touch of progressive rock. Their inspirations include Incubus, Thrice,

Rise Against, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd and Nirvana.


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