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Bones:Dreaming releases Acid Meditations, album is a journey into a series of soundscapes crackling

Acid Meditations is the second instalment of the Bones:Dreaming project. Assembling a range of machines, buttons and sliders around himself, Mike lets the machines talk once more.

Very experimental and sometimes hard to listen to, Acid Meditations awaits with alien-sounding drones, hard industrial noises, chanting demons, an angry devil and meadows filled with strange morning sounds.

Welcome to another day in the labyrinth of a psychedelic mind!

Each track is a universe of its own and is designed to take the listener into a movie behind closed eyes. A soundtrack to your fears and hopes, your dreams and horrors, your laughs and tears. And, beyond all, a reminder that life is nothing but an illusion in a vast universe full of wonders.

When recording, human interaction was again limited to minimum interaction. Once set in motion, machines started talking to machines in a never-ending sonic circuit. Some of the tracks contain sounds that were never intentionally created. Playing back the sounds after recording revealed waves of sound that seemed to have captured a spirit floating by and leaving its imprint on the music.

Acid meditations is not an album to listen to in a hurry, it will probably not send you dancing or shake your hair to it. The tracks on this album demand a pause button in your busy lives, they demand silence around you, they demand you to center yourself, they demand an open mind from you.

Pick your favourite track, immerse yourself in the sounds, let your mind cinema play the movie of your dreams. Wake up and feel how the sound waves have changed your vibrations, if only for a moment.


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