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Bones:Dreaming release the fascinating album “A Day in the Labyrinth of a Psychedelic Mind”

Musician Mike Ludwig from the group Screaming Bones decided to immerse himself in solo process

Musician Mike Ludwig from the group Screaming Bones, decided to immerse himself in an experience that was simply fascinating in his artistic prognosis, starting a solo process really ravishing in his intention. We know that the ambient genre is truly fascinating, totally disconnected from music as a product and much more rooted in the details, in creating a sensorial experience that is fascinating for those who enter the conceived journey. And here we have the conception of another masterpiece, the album “A Day in the Labyrinth of a Psychedelic Mind”, the release of the Bones:Dreaming project.

As with Screaming Bones, this project is also a one-man show. Mike generates the dark ambient sonic soundscapes with the help of a Soma Lyra 8, a Soma Ornament 8, a Soma Cosmos, a Moog Subharmonicon and several guitar pedals, mainly by Electro Harmonix and Strymon. The combination of those machines makes each session unique. The nature and philosophy of the Soma instruments is that the artist and instrument form a kind of symbiosis. Especially the Lyra 8 reacts to the mood of the artist in a given session and sounds different every time it is played. Therefore, no two sessions with the same setup will ever sound the same.

Each session is an experience for Mike, the setup of the instruments is different each time, the outcome is unknown, the journey is the goal. When playing the instruments, they seem to become alive, they develop their own sounds, rhythms and behaviour. Sometimes, the machines just sit there and talk to themselves, the outcome is what you hear in 'A Day in the Labyrinth of a Psychedelic Mind'. The dark ambient soundscapes take the listener onto a journey into the sonic unknown, patterns emerge, rhythms find themselves, only to be lost again moments later in a haze of electric crackling. The listener needs to reserve some time in their busy schedules, clear some headspace, put on the headphones, lean back, close their eyes and enjoy the journey.

“A Day in the Labyrinth of a Psychedelic Mind” is a firecracker to be tasted in all its quintessence, from the first seconds. The six tracks album will be able to relax you but at the same time make you see the metaphysical reality that surrounds us.


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