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Bill Gottfried release a 11-track album "Ghosts and Girls"

Creating music for the pure feeling of self fulfillment and passion, not abiding by trends, current genres or easily digestible song writing styles are all part of b.d. Gottfried’s formula for his music. Over the past decade Bill Gottfried has cut nine self titled albums which have garnered accolades and airplay around the world.

The newly released 11-track album Ghosts and Girls is b.d. Gottfried’s 10th solo album. Produced and co-written with Juno award winner Siegfried Meier, this album once again disregards what is typically expected of a seasoned song writer. Being aware of the constant change we are subjected to, this collection of songs caresses the pain and joy of being alive today. An album of stories in song. Songs that look at the hardships and challenges we all face and those of our ancestral past. With social media constantly demanding our attention and pulling us in a hundred directions, it’s increasingly difficult to determine what is important and what is truth. This collection of songs are heartfelt renderings of the canvas we call life. Emotionally rich, dynamic and fiercely original.

 The latest feature track and video from Ghosts and Girls  entitled 'Two Worlds', tells of the Spanish discovering Mesoamerica in the early 1500's. The Conquistadors were in search of treasure and found gold in what is now Mexico and Central America.  Musically and lyrically, "Two Worlds' reflects on the  violent clash between the two.

A seasoned musician, with an extensive background which includes performing, studio work, producing and song writing, b.d. Gottfried's uncompromising writing style promises to take you on an emotional journey to places you never knew existed. 

“Each decade of music I have lived through has left an indelible fingerprint on my soul and shapes the emotional content of my music” Bill once stated. His unique style of playing and writing has drawn him into a wide circle of musicians including sharing the stage with Pino Paladino (The Who, Elton John), John Sloman (Uriah Heep, Gary Moore), Gregg Dechert ( David Gilmour, Bad Company), Breen Laboeuf, ( Celine Dion, April Wine) to name a few. His prior releases to date have received critical praise and radio play world wide.


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