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Berlin-based indietronic duo Bromsen release new single "Read About It"

Berlin-based indietronic duo Bromsen is proud to unleash their 4th single "Read About It", the track is taken from their highly anticipated debut album, "Brothers in Mind", due for release via Epictronic. The album is scheduled to be available later this year.

The inspiration behind the song lies in the artists who wholeheartedly dedicated themselves to their craft and lived their art. They created incredible music and art, yet often faced personal struggles. Regrettably, they are no longer with us, leaving behind their music and stories for us to cherish and learn from.

Alongside renowned figures like Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain, who have inspired countless individuals, the song also pays tribute to lesser-known artists who met a similar fate. These unsung heroes, whose art never reached the wider public, are also acknowledged in the song.


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