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Amsterdam based art-punk band Labasheeda release new album "Blueprints"

Labasheeda are an artrock & noiserock band from Amsterdam, the band just release the new album "Blueprints" on all streaming platforms. The album has 11 songs that last for 39 minutes and 12 seconds. Labasheeda uses many different instruments, like the marimba, cello, and double bass, to make a beautiful and unique sound.

Labasheeda is known for intense and dynamic shows. They are a raw punk rock band sonically interspersed with hypnotic soundscapes. Tying together a decade of adventurous, sound-evolving albums and changing lineups, Labasheeda’s music has a penchant for concise, stripped down melodies, and quick switches from spacious bass lines and drums to heavy, chaotic, and sometimes anthemic guitar driven songs, drawing comparisons to genre-pushing bands such as Sonic Youth and Sebadoh.


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