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Amphettamine's nuanced post rock tone over gothic and industrial on new single "Above Heaven"

The track is available on all streaming platforms via Electric Funeral Records

Amphettamine is a solo project, conceived and founded in early 2020 in Curitiba/Brazil by Amandha Ribaski (songwriter and vocalist). In the lyrical aspect, it deals with obscure, real and everyday themes, inspired by personal situations.

The melodies follow the nuances, seeking their originality and containing post grunge, gothic and industrial influences. The project also counts with the participation of guest musicians: Roberto Hendrigo (Remedy Tones, Marven James, ex-Semblant), Malcom Gouvêa (Independent) and Jefferson Verdani (Cülpado, Jailor, Axecuter and Sadtheory), who participated in some songs, as composers or performers.

Amphettamine releases new single "Above Heaven" on all streaming platforms via Electric Funeral Records.

This song talks about feeling alone in the universe, referring to the disbelief of divine powers, being just what we are: cells that are part of this complex planet called "Earth", reinforcing the idea that we will never die, we will mutate into another capable physical form to integrate the ecosystem. Another part of the song talks about having depression and feeling exhausted, without energy due to the use of antidepressants.

The track's melody follows this melancholic theme and with a certain air of mystery, with distorted and abstract solos, in addition to a striking vocal that varies between clean and drive.


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