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2 Piece rock band LAKE ACACIA drops the heavy track “I Will Never Break”

It's hard to categorize LAKE ACACIA which in today’s music should be a good thing.

Musically they would sit somewhere between MUSE and Royal Blood, however they do offer

something different in the sense of how they make their sound and how it’s put together.

Bass, drums, synths, electronic percussion, big riffs, uplifting melodic catchy choruses,

layered vocals harmonies and meaningful lyrics.

The Band:

Tim Groethe - lead vocals, bass, synth.

Joe Homer - drums, backing vocals, percussion and triggers.

“I Will Never Break”

“Standing up to people who take advantage of you and have no intention of ever giving back. It could be a relative, a friend or just somebody who you’d never expect to violate that trust. Life is too short to deal with selfish individuals and sometimes you just need to let them go...”


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