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WILLIAM IS announces new single ‘Tread’ on november

William Is began the release cycle for his debut album Roadstar mid-2022. The first single ‘Ashland’ was paired with a lyric video featuring footage shot from William’s helmet as he zipped down the streets of Chicago on his scooter. The second punk-tinged single, ‘Grow Crazy’ was well received by the streaming playlist community and continues to amass spins worldwide.

The song ‘Tread’ explores the dawning human consciousness using the analogy of arthropods crawling from the sea 420 million years ago. “Water to me has always represented the unconscious. Our dawning age is witnessing the ascent of humans from literal interpretations of the various myths that have kept the human spirit harnessed for millennia.”- William Is.


William Is is the new incarnation of Chicago multimedia artist William Steffey. His music

production career began at the age of 11 when he received a Tascam 244 multitrack cassette recorder as a gift from his father. In 2021, after releasing 19 albums and scores of music videos in the Art Rock style, he sealed the lid on the 200+ song William Steffey catalogue. To date, William Is has released several singles including two NFT remixes which assign the purchaser 100% control of the sound recordings. William Is is influenced by Prefab Sprout, David Bowie, and Steely Dan.



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