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Velvet Ocean reveals their rockier side with the new single "Rage"

The embrace of the depths of the ocean can be velvety but can sometimes become a dangerously raging roar. Velvet Ocean draws melancholic and tragic tones from the darkness and light-filled soul landscape of Northern Finland to the turmoil of its music.

Velvet Ocean's new single Rage is the second song from the second album. The song tells about a person who hides behind a mask. Rage is a defiant and angry modern metal piece, with which the band's sound and essence are even stronger. This is how songwriter and singer Riitu Ronkainen describes the song: "Rage is about a person who hides behind a mask. You have hurt others and yourself with your own behavior without even realizing it. Man has become unrecognizable. The rage has grown to the point where it feels like you can't take it anymore. However, rage has also increased inner strength and brings the feeling that it is possible to break the cycle." Playing with gothic metal, pop and symphonic elements, the fresh metal band combines acoustic instruments and computer-generated soundscapes and rhythms with traditional band instruments. The symphony is genuinely present in the band's music, as the live line-up also includes an acoustic cello. The music video shot by the band perfectly captures the overwhelming atmosphere of the song. The editing and visual appearance was done by Instagood Promotion. "The masks in the music video reflect the fact that the person is no longer recognized as the same person, but has to hide himself behind the mask. The mask is also a protection against having to experience the judgment of others. The masks reflect different aspects of a person, because humanity is not black and white, but also has different shades of gray", Ronkainen tells Velvet Ocean's debut album "Purposes and Promises" was released on February 7, 2020. The album was released by Helsinki Records and distributed by Warner Music Finland. The melancholic and tragic heavy band has gained international visibility in music media. Velvet Ocean is now working on their second album with established Finnish producers Maki Kolehmainen and Toivo Hellberg at Helsinki Records. Velvet Ocean are: Riitu Ronkainen - vocals Jake Ronkainen - guitar, vocals Tuomas Vesa - bass Markus Määttälä - drums Arto Alikoski - cello Jami Alaverronen - keys


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