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Ukraine emo/pop-punk band Prokat Kaset release new single "Небокрай"

"Небокрай" is a brilliant representative of Midwest emo, emo revival and pop-punk genres, with a harmonious combination of artistic images and deep lyrics. The song is an emotional charge that takes you across the grey horizon in search of warmth.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Mykolaiv, Ukraine, Prokat Kaset is a powerful new force in the world of contemporary music. The band captivates listeners with its compelling sound, which echoes the energetic and emotional tones of bands such as Tiny Moving Parts, Mineral, Hot Mulligan, and American Football.

Filled with a distinctive sound blend, Prokat Kaset skillfully combines elements of indie rock, emo, and math rock, weaving complex musical textures that resonate with their listeners on a deep level. Rich in raw emotion and dazzling instrumentation, Prokat Kaset's music is a breath of fresh air on the world music scene, putting Mykolaiv on the map for music lovers from all over the world.


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