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The Parisian trio, Moon Market, releases new album 'On Neptune'

Born at the end of 2010, the band Moon Market is back with a second album

To briefly summarize, ‘’A Memory Ghost’’ their first opus invites the insolence of the punk, the creativity of the 60's pop, the harshness of the noise-rock to the negotiating table and clinches it all in less than 3'30'' by the odd drum patterns of progressive rock free from elves or leprechauns. Do you see what I mean ?

On the second album, the Parisian trio takes you on an astral voyage to discover orange trees on Neptune. Guess what? It's just a concept, directly inspired by a bunch of punks crashing an esoterical lecture.

Because as far as their sound is concerned, we still find the same musical obsessions mixed with a rougher approach which makes ''On Neptune'' sound resolutely more rock. A saving energy which makes the machine turn with just enough grains of sand to block it from time to time, just for the fun of it.


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