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The Houston-based metal band The Terrible Texan release new single "Playing in Pollution"

After the release of their self titled debut in March of 2022, to the powerhouse talents of Paul Nelson (Vocals and Rhythm Guitar) Calvin Hardwick (Lead Guitar) and Avery Hardwick (Bass), the Houston-based metal band instantly proved to be a sonic force to be reckoned with. By the end of 2022, the raw & gritty sound of The Terrible Texan was slightly refined; only with absolute filth, a grime, or a slime unlike any you’ve heard before.

Officially being released on every major music platform online – the gripping single, Playing in Pollution by The Terrible Texan arrives November 25th. With the use of new spatial audio, it unapologetically shakes the walls as it plays. Playing in Pollution is infused with electrified hybrid energy that combines a twisted-metal selection of Alternative & underground vibes, with a Punk & Psychedelic tinge, into an enormously epic experience that attacks stereo systems & speakers from above, below, behind, and inside of you.

The Terrible Texan continues to leave no stone unturned in their attention to the details, and spares no quarter with their hard-hitting sound to make the music they truly want to make, second to none.


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