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THE HAPTICS Captures the Berlin Beat With New Single ‘Bodies’

BC's THE HAPTICS Capturing the Berlin Beat With 'Bodies' Unveils the Euphoria and Inner Struggles of Collective Rhythms from Their Newest EP Zero Gravity.

Bodies - These lyrics were inspired by a night that Jin had dancing in Berlin at a party called Herrensauna, at Tresor. Getting swept up in the momentum of a crowd, dancing, is such a powerful thing - we wanted to capture that dynamic, as well as the opposing nature of individuals getting caught up in their head with repetitive thoughts and thinking. That push and pull between being part of a crowd and feeling imprisoned by your body and mind inspired this song. - The Haptics

The Haptics formed in 2022, united by a love for post-punk. Based in Vancouver, their music blends dark post-punk beats with Alternative Rock and Grunge. Their name signifies a focus on sensory experiences. Influenced by Joy Division and The Cure, they modernize the genre. Their live shows captivate with high energy and introspective lyrics. The debut album from late 2022 received acclaim for emotion and instrumentals. The band is involved in visual arts, reflecting their aesthetic. Strong social media presence and collaborations have expanded their fanbase. The Haptics' willingness to experiment keeps their sound fresh.


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