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The french punk cabaret Lady La Fée shares music video for the tracks "Mon CoCo" and "Renegade"

7 years already that Lady La Fée burns the stages...friends, passionate artits, animated by the desire to go beyond the conventions; Where one does not await them...

Originally from Reunion Island, LLF has now performed more than 500 concerts in France and in the indian ocean. The magic formula? Lady La Fée reinvents the hits (in english / french & creole) and has a festive crazy show that touches all generations.

The concerts are moments of interactive perfomances with a theatrical staging mixing music, circus, humor and full of winks to the 7th art and pop culture. It's a initiatory journey with the air of a punk cabaret.

The band is formed by Gil (drums), Kryss (bass), Greg (guitar), Tom (keyboards), Loki Lonestar (conductor of the orchestra), El Lion (art perfomance) and Mogwai Superstar (dog diva the lights up the stage with her pink tutu) are promoting their latest releases; the music video for the track "Mon CoCo" and "Renegade".

You can watch de video bellow: Mon CoCo - LADY LA FÉE

Renegade - LADY LA FÉE


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