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The five-piece punk rock powerhouse Mind Dragz Body drops new single "Do It for Cliff"

Mind Dragz Body is a five-piece punk rock powerhouse from Queensland, Australia, made up of Sair Zee on lead vocals and keyboard, Jimi on rhythm guitar, N8 on lead guitar, Tangles on bass, and P.six on drums.

Their unique sound blends fast-paced punk beats, growling female vocals, and killer guitar riffs. Each member of the band brings something special. Sair Zee's one-of-a-kind voice commands attention, while N8's intense lead guitar shreds every riff. Jimi's rhythm guitar brings the heat, Tangles keeps the groove with his cool bass licks, and P.six provides the backbone of the band with fast and precise beats on the drums.

Their latest single "Do It for Cliff" is a rebellious anthem that captures the raw energy of MDB. Recorded with the legendary Lucius Borich at Keysound Studios in Byron Bay, it's a polished and professional sound that's sure to satisfy even the most discerning punk rock fans.

Mind Dragz Body is more than just a band, They're a rebellion against the mundane. Their music is a call to arms, a message of empowerment, and an invitation to join us in making the world a little more punk rock.


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