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Symphonic metal band Hydranight releases new single "Speechless (Live)"

Hydranight is a symphonic metal band from the Netherlands. The name “Hydranight” means “Night of the Dragons”. “Hydra” is a many-headed creature in Greek mythology. The best and obvious ability for Hydra’s is to regenerate. So Hydra’s will always live on, just like music can. The “night” refers to all kinds of mysteries and tales which we like to tell and share through our music. But it also stands for all adventures of life which we as humans often (unconsciously) process during the night.

The new single Speechless (Live) is now released and available on all major platforms!


Vocals: Richelle Guitars & vocals: Bart van Voorden (ex-Newborn Lunatics) Keys: Bram van Rens Bass & backing vocals: Anne de Graef Drums: Joey Wojcik (ex-Newborn Lunatics)


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