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Sydney Punk band The Limited release Debut Album "TheCoffin or the Suitcase"

After gigging in Sydney for almost seven years, going into a forced hibernation during COVID lockdowns, and losing their original drummer, these political punk brats have at last sat down and recorded their debut album.

Pulling together all the original songs they’ve ever played for this album, The Coffin or the Suitcase features 17 tracks and clocks in at just around forty minutes. It’s a fully loaded experience with catchy favourites like “Braindead” and “Don’t be a Nazi”, as well as the classic set closer “Make It Out”. Covers of Blink 182’s “Dammit” and Eels’ “Birds”, as well as a special edition of “Don’t Be a Nazi” featuring Sean the Bastard from Wollongong-based punk rock band The Owen Guns, were made available to those who pre-ordered the album.

The Limited self-financed the album, as they are an independent act with no label backing, and self-released it both online and with physical distribution of CDs, printed via Replicat. Drummer, Landon Maxwell, designed the gatefold album and liner notes booklet, alongside art made by Newcastle artist and musician Jade Gallogly (Soy Boy).

The album was recorded in the Blue Mountains, NSW, at both Studio Woodford and Song Cave Studios, Lawson, with engineer Eliot Boyd Reynolds. Reynolds also mixed and mastered the album with lead singer Jordan King-Lacroix sitting in on most sessions, as well as working from full band feedback.


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