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SOLO is back with the new single “Propaganda in my eyes, again (you’re erased)"

SOLO is back with a song that brings us to the Seattle grunge of the late 80s “Propaganda in my eyes, again (you’re erased)”.

«It is a song that points the finger at the consumerist system and how our society

pushes us towards factional hatred in order to be able to control us more easily, making us passive consumers», says SOLO.

New song, new change of course for SOLO who, after having touched the elektronische musik with "Stati emozionali" passing through the psychedelic rock of "Don't shoot th e piano player (it's all in your head)" and the indie pop of “Something (you don't need)”, returns with a song of pure primitive grunge fury : “Propaganda in my eyes, again (you're erased)”.

«When I wrote "Propaganda in my eyes, again (you're erased)" I had in mind the Nirvana of "Bleach", a dirty and violent album, directly inspired by the sound and style of Mudhoney, essential and direct». "Propaganda in my eyes, again (you're erased)", in fact, unlike the other songs on SOLO, it's bare-bones, without too many overdubs: guitar, bass and drums. (If you don't consider a little "experiment" on the tail of the song) «In the songs published up to now I had experimented a lot in the studio, overdubbing dozens and dozens of tracks, to create sound carpets and counterpoints between the instruments. For "Propaganda in my eyes, again (you're erased)", given the nature of the piece, something more essential was needed. The only overdub I allowed myself was the bass. There are 3 superimposed, each treated differently: one clean, one passed into a Soul Food, the other into a Big Muff. In short, the

Electro Harmonix has given me a great hand. At the end of the song, however, there is a double drum "solo" (two overdubbed drums, one of which is distorted, an idea by Edo ardo Di Vietri, who in his Hexagonlab Studio gives me a hand with the mixes)», says SOLO.

The song, initially born for another SOLO

project, the M.i.B., has evolved over time,

also and above all thanks to the contribution of drummer David Garofalo.


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