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Social Breakdown releases "Karma", the EP is the band's fifth studio album

Band traced a musical line more pushed for the Californian Hardcore of the 90's beginning two years 00'

Social Breakdown released the new EP Karma, the band's 5th studio record and the first in partnership with the Rio do Meio Records label. The Karma EP is composed of two tracks in English and two in Portuguese, showing this new moment of the band with a musical line more pulled towards the Californian Hardcore of the 90's early 00's. The recordings took place at The Box studio in Guarujá, recorded and mixed by Patrick L. A. Silva in February 2022.

Karma is the first song of work and comes with a music video. The direction is on account of Rodiney Assunção and assistant Felipe Duarte.


In the opening track Nevermind, the beating comes loose, striking riffs, a contagious chorus and lyrics that question which subjects are really relevant to take into account and stress. The second track is the one that bears the name of the EP. Karma is not far behind and shows that they drank from the source melodic hardcore with a lot of weight and melody in the same song. The track also counts with the participation of Juliano Amaral's vocals from the bands Old Rust/Blackjaw.

The third track is called Me Vs Me, track in English with a skate punk line mixing aggressiveness and melody in both vocals and instrumentals. On the EP we still have the Bônus Track: "Não Sou obrigado'', a track that features vocalist Let Beck from the band Kebrada HC, a track that came out on the compilation `Delírio Comunista'.


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