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Screaming Bones release new album 'It'll Come in Time',

Record brings elements of stoner, psychedelic rock and Krautrock

The German band Screaming Bones presents their newest studio work, the album entitled "It'll All Come in Time". With a strong sound, which mixes elements of Stoner, Psychedelic Rock and Krautrock, the work delivers 7 songs with amazing quality, with all the elements that can please fans of the styles mentioned above. The album, which has among its highlights songs like “Eve” and the epic “Journey through your inner Cosmos, Pt.1”, is now available for listening on the main streaming platforms.

Screaming Bones is Mike Ludwig's new musical project, hailing from Darmstadt, Germany. Mike records all the guitars on a four-track loop recorder and generates the percussion elements with a drum machine to create his dark psychedelic sound tinged with progressive rock tones. All sounds are created by Ludwig while the final finishing was done by Patrick Burkholder of Zenmix Recordings.

A futuristic and experimental sound, surely Screaming Bones is a courageous artist who is not afraid to venture into musical paths never walked before. His compositional style is psychedelic, industrial and dark and certainly, his music cannot be labeled as this artist has managed to create something new.

This is the eclectic group's newest release after their previous album 'With Yourself', which received 11,000 views on the Stoned Meadow of Doom YouTube channel in two weeks and currently has 68,000 views.

Screaming Bones believes in the healing powers of music for yourself and others. The last album helped the musician fight his depression and burnout. It was painful to do sometimes when depression killed all creativity, but in the end, the music always won. Screaming Bones is a sonic journey into the listeners' mental space.

“It’ll All Come In Time” is Mike Ludwig’s passion project as it grows from a place of professional love for musical masterpieces and deeply disturbing times. As Ludwig himself says “Making music is like painting, you generate a musical canvas, on which you paint your emotions, one after the other. Finding your own sound is a journey that never ends. Try to explore, experiment, don't limit yourself to too much theory.”

"It'll All Come in Time":


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