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Punk Rock band The Bolokos release new single/musicvideo "Ti Kanno"

The Bolokos is a Punk Rock band formed in 2009 in Goyave, Guadeloupe. It is composed of Océ Cheapfret (vocals, bass, bombard, mandolin), Edy Caramello (vocals, guitar, harmonica, bagpipes and Mister Fridge (drums, backing vocals). Pioneers of punk-rock in Guadeloupe, the group started in the small clubs of the island under the name of The Sleepwalkers but quickly changed to the current name. The group is defined by a fusion between punk and Caribbean and Celtic music. Since 2013, he has cultivated a particular style both visually and musically.

In December 2014, the first single "Love You As Before" was released on the Bokit Production label.

The formation sometimes including other instruments (Gwo Ka, Melodica etc.) is distinguished by its style on the Caribbean and international scene. This is the first Caribbean group to have participated in the famous Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, England.

On March 30, 2019 the group released their first studio album (which is also Guadeloupe's first Punk Rock album). It is produced by Martinican artist Kali. The Montebello rum distillery pays tribute to them with "Cuvée The Bolokos".


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