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Puerto Mariel release "Maldito Antro" first single from debut EP "Puerto Mariel"

"Maldito Antro" is the first single from the E.P. debut of "Puerto Mariel". It is a rhythmic song with a pop rock base with overtones of funk. The message of the lyric, even in a figurative sense, is that despite adversity, there will always be a reason to continue.

Puerto Mariel is the dream that a boy named Alex Castro had one day. It all dates back to the mid-eighties, when studying high school in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, influenced by the growing wave of rock groups in Spanish, he dreamed of forming a rock band with Latin overtones. After a brief career in the local scene in garage bands like “Flit”, “Entre Paréntesis” and “Oveja Negra”, to name a few, the dream had to be postponed for years, you know! work, school, homework, stereotypes. But, as they say, it's never too late! So, dusting off the guitar and black glasses, you return to yesterday's dream to the sound of songs that will make you dance or make you cry. The rhythm, the melodic guitars and the flavor live in Puerto Mariel! Climb it up!


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