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Progressive Rock/Heavy Metal Band Tilburg release new EP "Devolving"

Devolving is Tilburg's fourth release abd first under the Only The Label,Tilburg takes a more heavier approach to the songs with heavy guitar work along with the 70's style keyboard work. Progressive Heavy Metal/ Rock band Tilburg features dutch fusion guitarist Timo Janse and Whispers of Dragons's keyboartist M. Hopkins.

The band began in 2009 under the name of Kinder Voss. During the recording sessions for the debut album “Tales of the Spanish Kings” a concept album similar to the early days of progressive rock. Due to touring conflicts with the international line up of the band, the band came to an early end. Jump forward to 2021, songwriter M Hopkins revived the project and recording sessions began again with Dutch fusion guitarist Timo Janse on guitars and M Hopkins on keyboards.

In the spring of 2022, the album was finished and Tilburg was selected as the band’s new name and “Tales of the Spanish Kings” was released.

Influenced by the greats of the past such as Keith Emerson (ELP) and Rick Wakeman (YES), the album reflects many of the unique qualities of ’70s progressive rock, but features an influence of harder modern guitar and electronic sounds of today. The goal of the album was to bring a new progressive rock sound along with honoring the greats of the past.


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