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Portuguese rock band Contraluz shares new single and music video “Cais do Sodré”

Contraluz is a band formed in Lisbon and composed by Pedro Verdelho (voice), Kiko (guitar), António Rolo (bass), Hugo Pereira (drums) and Vasco Guerlixa (keys). Friends who have been playing together and sharing music for several years, bring their varied influences, tastes and experiences to the sound of Contraluz, resulting in a cornucopia, at times melancholy, at times festive, of rock and indie, reflecting the very human experience, which lives in a bipolar spectrum between euphoria and inertia without ever wanting to settle down.

Their debut album “Onze” (2022) is proof of that, with the melancholy single “Pinguins” and the festive, torn and escapist theme “Cais do Sodré” marking out this range of emotions and also styles. The work done in 2022 lays the foundations for the year 2023, which has already been marked by the launch of the powerful video for the theme “Cais do Sodré”.


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