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Portuguese power trio El Señor drops new album "Affection to Belong"

"Affection to Belong" is the new album from the Portuguese power trio El Señor and marks not only the first release since "Suburbs of Joy" (2019), but also a transition to a more raw and visceral sound. The traces of a more classic garage rock, which found in post-punk and fuzz the necessary gap to explode, were left aside. It gave way to a series of songs that, without hesitation, let themselves be carried away by the restlessness of a rock that lives how it wants and, perhaps, for what it was born.

"Affection to Belong" is an exaltation to rock n' roll and punk that transports us to a schizophrenic and bizarre suspension. On the way, El Señor don't give up moments that pay homage to melody, shattering it with a dissonance and subversion that underlines the singularity they are made of.


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