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Portland rock band Floodfall release new music video "Scary Monsters"

With Halloween around the corner, Floodfall have released "Scary Monsters", the fourth video from their "Unbroken" album. It's their biggest production ever, and the band's first full cast production from the current album. "Scary Monsters" is for all of you fans of heavy music, horror films and general creepiness!

“Unbroken” is a reflection on life's experiences and its songs are often personal

commentaries on life and the band's interactions with the world.Floodfall recorded their first album entirely at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden.

That experience began a very strong collaboration with Jakob Herrmann, the studio's

owner. For the second album, Jakob has joined forces with the band, not just as an

engineer and producer, but also as a songwriter. Travel restrictions and scheduling

complicated the second album, so the drums and main guitars were recorded at The

Hallowed Halls in Portland, OR, with Jakob producing remotely from Sweden.

Lead vocals were later recorded at Top Floor and then David recorded the remaining tracks in Portland. The second album has been very much a remote collaboration and adapted

along the way to all the complications and limitations the band experienced during that



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